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Professional introductory and expert training courses on all aspects of the advanced research software

Maltego is a professional investigative & OSINT tool that allows you to discover and visualize relationships between entities. In addition to real-time data mining and detailed information gathering, Maltego enables the collection and processing of data from many sources. The results are displayed in a graph, so that patterns and connections between persons, organizations or networks can be easily identified.
The courses on this site teach you the professional knowledge you need to become a Maltego power user.

Maltego Classic Master Class

Online Video Course

Our Maltego training course is now also available in a smart video format. This is a video stream that includes over 60 HD video lessons and tutorials. As a user, you have access to the Maltego training course for three months, allowing you to adapt the lessons to your individual workflows.

Your advantage: Our online introduction and further training on Maltego contains all the lessons of the classic 2-day seminar, including additional exercises and bonus material. This is the opportunity to go from being a Maltego Beginner to becoming a Maltego Pro!

Online video course Maltego Classic - the Bootcamp ( English )

Maltego Classic – Master Class (Deutsch)


Unseren Maltego Lehrgang gibt es ab sofort auch im smarten Video-Format. Hierbei handelt es sich um einen Video-Stream, der über 60 HD-Video-Lektionen und Tutorials umfasst. Als Nutzer haben Sie drei Monate lang Zugriff auf den Maltego Weiterbildungskurs, sodass Sie die einzelnen Lektionen optimal an Ihre individuellen Workflows anpassen können.

Ihr Vorteil: Unsere Online-Einführung und -Weiterbildung zu Maltego enthält alle Lektionen des klassischen 2-Tages-Seminars inkl. zusätzlicher Übungen und Bonusmaterial. Die Gelegenheit also, vom Maltego-Anfänger zum Maltego-Experten zu werden!

Online-Videokurs Maltego Classic – das Bootcamp (Deutsch)

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