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Useful course for all Maltego users

Tim Steel

Although I have used Maltego for a few months, I still learnt many new tips and tricks that I was unaware with. I like that the fact the videos are straight ...

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Although I have used Maltego for a few months, I still learnt many new tips and tricks that I was unaware with. I like that the fact the videos are straight to the point, making it easy to follow and not lose your concentration. It covers all the main bases that you need to become a confident user of Maltego, and I highly recommend it for new and old users of the program alike.

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5 star rating

Best Maltego course ever

Dario Beniamini

Excellent course. Very simple to be followed. It doesn't matter your expertise, from newbie to expert is extremely easy to learn how to use Maltego in many...

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Excellent course. Very simple to be followed. It doesn't matter your expertise, from newbie to expert is extremely easy to learn how to use Maltego in many different scenarios and optimize it with some tricks.

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5 star rating

This course is highly recommended!

Jennifer Kamp

It's very clear and helpful to beginners, and also useful to reinforce prior knowledge. This course explains all important facts in an easy-to-understand wa...

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It's very clear and helpful to beginners, and also useful to reinforce prior knowledge. This course explains all important facts in an easy-to-understand way. Thank you!

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Meet your instructor

Jörn Weber

Jörn Weber is an investigator and the managing director of corma GmbH. Before his time at corma, he worked as a police officer in NRW for nearly 20 years.

He investigated, among other things, homicide, fraud, and white-collar crime, as well as cybercrime. Mr. Weber left the service as Kriminalhauptkommissar (Detective Chief Inspector).

He and his team now support corporate security departments and brand protection teams from international clients with the successful execution of their investigations.

In recent years, Mr. Weber has conducted numerous training events on the subject of Maltego, Social Links and Internet investigations. Among the participants were German and international Police Authorities, corporate security of international corporations, investigative journalists, military and intelligence services.

The daily use of Maltego and professional transforms like Social Links ensures practical reference in the seminar.


Impressive in coverage and quality

Roelof Temmingh
is the former Managing Director and founder of Paterva, the company that invented Maltego in 2007. He reviewed our online video training and wrote this review:

Maltego was my idea. As such I've seen many Maltego tutorials or training courses in the last 12 years. Most people start with "Maltego tutorial - Video 1" thinking that they will do many videos.

Most people never get past video number 2 - because Maltego has MANY features and many things to know... and making training videos at this level takes a lot of dedication, domain knowledge and time.

This course covers a lot of ground, and it does it really well. If you follow along with these videos and do the pracs you can easily become a Maltego power user.

Highly recommended!

Maltego Classic Master Class

The online video course for Maltego Classic & XL

In our online boot camp you will learn how to use Maltego Classic and the XL edition professionally. 

What is Maltego Classic?

Maltego is a professional software tool used in investigations for gathering, analyzing, and presenting information from a diverse variety of online data sources. The OSINT tool is well suited for use in the detection and prevention of cyberattacks, criminal fraud investigations, investigations into persons of interest, and similar types of research. Typical users include cybersecurity analysts, private investigators, bank officers, threat intelligence specialists, police authorities, corporate security teams, penetration testers, investigative journalists, and research professionals in a wide range of industries.

The purpose of the Maltego Classic/XL software is to enable the researcher to

  • Collect data for an investigation or project automatically from many sources
  • Discover patterns and connections between the data entities collected
  • Represent the information visually, to easily understand the results

About the Course: Maltego Classic/XL Master Class Online

The Maltego Classic/XL Master Class Online was created to deliver in-depth training in the use of this powerful tool. It will introduce Maltego’s capabilities, show you in detail how to operate its various elements, and train you in using them together expertly and efficiently. The course includes many practical exercises to support the training, demonstrating interesting real-world applications and providing you with hands-on experience working with the software. 

With this course as your foundation, you will be able to use Maltego to your best advantage. It will optimize the way you work! 

What am I going to get from this course?

After taking the Maltego Classic/XL Master Class Online, you will be able to identify the additional transforms you may need for your projects and then to

  • Collect data for your own investigations and projects from many different OSINT sources by using Transforms
  • Analyze the automatically created links on a large visual canvas
  • Display your findings in easy-to-understand graphs
  • Supplement the built-in Transforms with additional Transform add-ons from the Maltego Transform Marketplace (so-called Hub)
  • Customize the software settings and Transform parameters to suit your needs
  • Identifying the complete infrastructure of a domain and finding connected websites
  • Enhancing a website infrastructure analysis with linked historical Whois data and Passive DNS data
  • Gathering extensive networks of followers/friends from social networks and easily navigating within the large graphs
  • Displaying any kind of structured data from your cases 
  • Gathering information on target persons via
    • Social networks
    • Passive DNS data
    • Dark Net research
    • Breached data
    • Threat intelligence data

  • Finding relevant information on target companies via 
    • Data from the OpenCorporates database and the DocumentCloud platform
    • Queries in the Companies House registrar database
    • Breached data

  • Researching the Dark Net for a user, posts, PGP encryption keys, e-mail addresses, and other useful information. 

Here are some things we'll be doing in this course:

 We will begin with the installation of the software and the establishing of the initial settings. 

Then the Maltego approach is explained, providing an orientation to the tool: What can you do with Maltego?

We go on to present a detailed introduction to the user interface, entities, and access paths to key tools such as the Context Menu and the Action Bar. Here you will learn to work with entities and to choose the most suitable transforms.

We will look at how different layouts can be applied to your graph and how that changes the analysis of the content. My personal favorite section will show you how and why to apply the layout mode to “organic”.

You will learn how to apply the different views on your graphs and why that helps to find the hidden information in the graphs. 

This course has a strong focus on context for you, providing real-world exercises and pracs. We show you the professional techniques and shortcuts which will save you hours using Maltego. Throughout the course we have many exercises for you to use in order to practice your skills.

There is a big section on the “Investigate Tab”. This is the “control room” to help you identify critical data in your graph, find Maltego graphs on your computer which have the information you are looking for, and quickly navigate large graphs.

You will learn to optimize the graph, customize the Maltego environment to your needs and select entities & transforms you really need in your environment.

We will look at machines-, the efficient & practical tools to make your Maltego work smarter.

You will learn how to start a collaboration session with other users and how to share your content with them.

The essentials will end with two large sections about import and export. These are often underestimated functions, which we explain in detail with case examples. 

Next, we discuss Transforms, the heart of Maltego’s functionality. A Transform is a snippet of computer code that automatically queries a particular data source (which can be internal, commercial, or public) and delivers the results in a package that is ready to use. Transforms can be combined, sequenced, and automated using Machines. Maltego comes with many Transforms built-in, which you can customize according to your needs. In addition, you can write your own Transforms to incorporate new data sources into your search. You will

  • Understand how Transforms connect to defined data sources
  • Learn how Transforms deliver results to your visual display
  • Learn how to save entity templates for efficient re-use
  • Learn how to automate your work by using Machines

 We focus primarily on the built-in transforms that come with Maltego, which are open-source intelligence (OSINT) plugins. This course content includes

  • An overview of Paterva’s CTAS Transforms included with Maltego
  • Use of the Domain Name System (DNS) and domain-related entities in your investigation
  • How to leverage Transforms for other important entities such as websites, IP addresses, MX servers, NS records, and DNS names
  • How to bring all of the information together in one meaningful graph 
  • How to link websites by using tracking codes (Google Analytics) 
  • Why and how to use attributions for linking networks to persons 
  • Using the CTAS Transforms to find people 

 In the final part of the course, you can expect videos on the Transforms we recommend for Internet investigations, OSINT, and other online research. In addition to material on Transforms for the Bitcoin blockchain and Farsight’s DNS database DNSDB, you will have access to videos on Transforms by the following providers:

  • FullContact
  • Have I been Pwned?
  • PassiveTotal
  • Shodan
  • SSL Certificate Transforms (Maltego Technologies GmbH)

 Future videos will include information on the Transforms for

  • Social Links (for demonstration only, as there will be a separate course featuring full coverage of Social Links)
  • VirusTotal
  • SocialNet
  • HYAS Insight
  • Zetalytics
  • Threat Crowd

Your Advantage

You always have the possibility to ask questions. We offer you on-lesson discussions for each important lesson. This way you as a participant are involved in the best possible way - and we can further optimize the Maltego online video course with your feedback.


Online Video Course: Maltego Classic Master Class

More than 9 hours of video footage!

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Setup Maltego | Essential Settings | What is Maltego? | Maltego Concept

    • 2.1 Download and install Maltego

    • 2.2 Essential Settings Part 1

    • 2.3 Essential Settings Part 2

    • 2.4 Brief recap: Maltego 2007 -2020

    • 2.5 Maltego Introduction

    • 2.6 Maltego Concept

  • 3

    Efficient Usage of Maltego: Operate the Software, Navigate the Graph, Work With Entities & Start Transforms

    • 3.4.1 User Interface: Overview

    • 3.4.2 Operation & Navigation

    • 3.5.1 Entities in Maltego

    • 3.5.2 Working with Entities Part 1

    • 3.5.3 Working with Entities Part 2

    • 3.5.4 Starting a Transform

    • 3.5.5 Prac01: Exercise Time - Ih8Mr. F0x | Task

    • 3.5.6 Prac01: Ih8Mr. F0x | Solution

  • 4

    Master the Context Menu, Leverage the Action Bar in Your Cases

  • 5

    Master Layouts & Views to Visualize Connections in Your Graph

    • 3.8.1 Layouts -How to Use the Full-Screen Layout, What Is "Lock Layout" and Understand "Full vs Incremental Layout"

    • 3.8.2 Layouts: Best Practice of "Block layout"

    • 3.8.3 Layouts: Understand the "Hierarchical Layout" and When to Use It

    • 3.8.4 Layouts: How to use the "Circular Layout"

    • 3.8.5 Layouts: Best Practice - One of My Favorite Layouts to Identify Relevant Links: Organic Layout

    • 3.8.6 Layouts: When to Use the "Interactive Organic" Layout and What Happens There.

    • 3.8.10 Views: Learn the Difference Between Graph View and List View - and the Possibilities of the List View

    • 3.8.11 Views: Advanced Usage of Views Like "Diverse Decent" - "Ball Size by All Links" - "Ball Size by Incoming /Outgoing Links" and Others

  • 6

    Identify Critical Data in Your Graph, Find Maltego Graphs on Your Computer Which Have the Information You Are Looking For, and Quickly Navigate Large Graphs.

    • 3.9.1 Investigate Tab: Learn About Some Hidden Commands in the Clipboard Section

    • 3.9.2 Investigate Tab: The Secret Sauce of Copy & Paste in Maltego and Facts About the Built-In "Regex Converter"

    • 3.9.3 Investigate Tab: How to Find relevant Data in your Graph - search through Entities and Links: "Quick Find"

    • 3.9.4 Investigate Tab: How to Perform Text Searches on Multiple Maltego Graphs That Are Saved in a Specified Folder on Your Machine.

    • 3.9.5 Investigate Tab: Best Practice - How to Select Entities in Large Graphs - Navigate Through the Graph and Select Relevant Entities

    • 3.9.6 Prac03: Exercise Time - Time4Overview | Task

    • 3.9.7 Prac03: Time4Overview | Solution

  • 7

    Optimize the Graph, Customize the Maltego Environment to Your Needs - Select Entities and Transforms You Really Need

  • 8

    Machines- Efficient & Practical Tools to Make Your Maltego Work Smarter

    • 3.14.1 Machines: What Are Machines, What Are they Doing and Which Machines Are Available?

    • 3.14.2 Machines: Best Practice With Footprint Machines - Create a Complete Overview on Any Domain | Examples of Other Machines

    • 3.14.3 Prac 04: Exercise Time - W3lc0m3 t0 th3 M4ch1n3! | Task

    • 3.14.4 Prac 04: W3lc0m3 t0 th3 M4ch1n3! | Solution

  • 9

    Collaboration With Other Users, Manage the Sidebars and Practical Tips on the Application Menu & Button

    • 3.15 Collaboration Tab: Share Your Graph With Other Users

    • 3.16 Windows Tab: Short Info on Sidebars and How to Enable Them

    • 3.17 Application Menu & Button: Learn About Super Useful Functions in the Menu & Best Practice on Print Plus Other Functions

  • 10

    Import Your Case Data Into Maltego | Save Time With Different Import Templates | Visualize Any Structured Data in a Graph

    • 3.18.1 Import Data: Why Is the Import Such an Essential Part of Maltego? - Introduction

    • 3.18.2 Import: Best Practice - Quick Import via the "3rd Party Table" Function

    • 3.18.3 Import: Learn to Use the "3rd Party Table" Import With the "Connectivity Option Tree" - Particularly Valuable for Analysts

    • 3.18.4 Import: Understand the Import With "3rd Party Table" & "Connectivity Option Sequential" - Extremely Useful for Investigative Data

    • 3.18.5 Import: This Is a Must-Know Function: Import "3rd Party Table" With the "Connectivity Option Manual"

    • 3.18.6 Import: Import Data via "3rd Party Table" and Use the "Connectivity Option Fully Meshed" - Helpful for Data From Social Networks

    • 3.18.7 Import Configuration - Don't Reinvent the Wheel! Save Your Configuration and Use It Again and Again!

    • 3.18.8 Import Entities: Need More Entities? Import Them From Other Users

    • 3.18.9 Import: Short Video on How to Import an Exported Table

    • 3.18.10 Import: Learn About the Migration Wizard

    • 3.18.11 Prac 05: Exercise Time - Import

    • 3.18.12 Prac05: Solution

  • 11

    Export Your Data Out of Maltego | Process Maltego Data With Other Applications | Create Tables, Charts & PDF Reports

    • 3.19.1 Export: Learn How to Get Your Data Out of Maltego - Introduction

    • 3.19.2 Export: What Is Meant With "Human Readable Exports"? How to Export Values of Simple Graphs | Export All Information From Properties Into a Table | Learn How to Read the Results!

    • 3.19.3 Export: Learn How and Why to Export Machine Readable Data With "Graph to Table" Function

    • 3.19.4 Export "Graph ML" Files for Gephi & Yed | Best Practice: Export Your Graph as Image

    • 3.19.5 Export the PDF Report, How to Export Entities & the Configuration Settings

  • 12

    Transforms Are the Core of Maltego - This Section Provides You With an Overview of the Transforms Included in Maltego Classic & XL Version.

  • 13

    Deep Dive in to the Infrastructure Transforms for the "Domain" Entity. With These Transforms You Get All Available Information About a Target Domain.

    • 5.1 Infrastructure: Background on Domain Name System (DNS), Domains, Websites, IP Addresses, DNS Names and Other Important Entities

    • 5.2 Infrastructure: Overview on All Entities in Patervas CTAS - Learn Everything About the Transforms for the Domain Entities

    • 5.3 Infrastructure: We Use a Lot of Examples and Execute All Domain Transforms in Maltego

    • 5.4 Prac06: Exercise Time - Find internal IP's | Task

    • 5.5 Prac 06: Find internal IP's | Solution

  • 14

    Understand the Major Entities and Their Transforms Related to Indispensable Entities for Almost Every Investigation: Website, Ip, MX & Ns Records, and DNS Names.

    • 5.6 Infrastructure: Everything You Need to Know on the Entity "NS Record" and It's Related Transforms

    • 5.7 Infrastructure: Learn When to Execute the Transforms for the "MX Record" (Mail Server) Entity

    • 5.8 Infrastructure: Understand the Possibilities of the Entity "Website" and Related Transforms

    • 5.9 Infrastructure: How to Use the Transforms for the "URL" Entity

    • 5.10 Infrastructure: Usage and Investigative Value of the DNS Name Entity and Related Transforms

    • 5.11 Infrastructure: Which Transforms Should You Know When Using the "IPv4 Address" Entity?

    • 5.12 Infrastructure: All You Need to Know About the Transforms for the Netblock Entity

    • 5.13 Infrastructure: Quick View on the Transforms for the AS (Autonomous System) Entity

  • 15

    Identify Different Types of Network Infrastructure and How to Use This Important Information in Your Investigation

    • 5.14 Infrastructure: Learn About the Infrastructure Categories | In-House | Outsourced | Mixed and Why You Need to Know This!

    • 5.15 Prac07: Exercise Time - Infrastructure | Task

    • 5.16 Prac07: Infrastructure | Solution

    • 5.16.1 Prac07: Infrastructure | Solution 2

  • 16

    Tracking Codes - Discover Relations Between Websites via Their Google Analytics Code and Similar Codes

    • 5.17 What Are Tracking Codes and How Can You Use Them for Your Investigation?

    • 5.18 Prac 08: Exercise Time - B0bswatch3s | Task

    • 5.19 Prac 08: B0bswatch3s | Solution

  • 17

    Attribution - Connect Infrastructure Data to Persons & Companies - Find Hidden Links

    • 6.0 Attribution Introduction: How to Connect Data Gathered From the Infrastructure to People

    • 6.1 Attribution: Details on All Existing Entities for This Topics and Related Transforms - Many Examples!

    • 6.2 Prac 09: Exercise Time - Andr3wm0h4wk | Task

    • 6.3 Prac 09: Andr3wm0h4wk | Solution

  • 18

    Finding People - Patervas Transforms Offer Some Possibilities to Find People via Osint

    • 7.0 Finding People: Possibilities With the Patervas Transform

    • 7.1 Prac 10: Exercise Time - B3n and Frikk13 Br4ndt | Task

    • 7.2 Prac 10: B3n and Frikk13 Br4ndt | Solution

    • 7.3 Finding People: Preparation for the Last Exercise

    • 7.4 Prac11: Exercise Time - L0ckh33d M4rt1n | Task

    • 7.5 Prac11: L0ckh33d M4rt1n | Solution

  • 19

    Review on Selected Transforms Available in the Hub Focuses on Using Them of Osint Investigations

  • 20

    Before you go...

    • Before you go...


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