Meet your Instructor

Jörn Weber

Jörn Weber is an investigator and the managing director of corma GmbH. Before his time at corma, he worked as a police officer in NRW for nearly 20 years.

He investigated, among other things, homicide, fraud, and white-collar crime, as well as cybercrime. Mr. Weber left the service as Kriminalhauptkommissar (Detective Chief Inspector).

He and his team now support corporate security departments and brand protection teams from international clients with the successful execution of their investigations.

In recent years, Mr. Weber has conducted numerous training events on the subject of Maltego, Social Links and Internet investigations. Among the participants were German and international Police Authorities, corporate security of international corporations, investigative journalists, military and intelligence services.

The daily use of Maltego and professional transforms like Social Links ensures practical reference in the seminar.

Instructor Jörn Weber

Social Links OSINT Academy

The online video course for Maltego Social Links transforms

The online video course teaches you how to use Maltego Social Links transforms for quicker, more thorough investigations. 

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What can I do with Social Links Transforms?

Social Links gives the researcher a range of capabilities: 

  • Automatically collect data from multiple sources for an investigation or project 
  • Easily discern patterns and relationships among the data entities collected 
  • Represent information visually for a quick, accurate assessment

About the course 

The Social Links OSINT Academy was created to deliver in-depth training in the use of this powerful tool. It introduces Maltego's capabilities, shows you how to operate with the SL transforms and combine them for maximal effect. The course also offers practical exercises to support your training. The examples demonstrate real-world applications and providing you with hands-on experience. 

What will I get?

After taking the Social Links OSINT Academy, you'll be able to identify the SL transforms you need for your projects and then to 

  • Collect data for your investigations from multiple OSINT sources by using transforms 
  • Analyze the automatically created links on a large visual canvas 
  • Display your findings in vibrant graphs 
  • Customize the software settings and Transform parameters to suit your needs

The Social Links Transform system and course cover the following groups: 

  • Social Networks
  • Company Information
  • Cryptocurrency 
  • Domain-IP Threat Intelligence 
  • Messenger 
  • Search Engines 
  • Dark Web & Leaks 
  • People & Email Search 
  • Video & Images 

We'll explore each category and give you all the tools needed for investigation and research. For example, you'll learn how to do the following: 

  • Find and analyze Facebook profiles and pages 
  • Identify hidden (private) mutual friends for a Facebook profile
  • Identify social networks based on email, photos and accounts 
  • Investigate with SL in forums, markets and boards on the Dark Web 
  • Create sets that automate your work 
  • Work with transforms in messenger apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp 
  • Use graph templates to get started quickly and easily 

The course provides a detailed introduction for each transform package as well as the possible results containing actual or linked entities. Plus, you'll get templates for "start entities." 

Beyond the topics of SL transforms, you'll learn how to apply a different layout to a graph and see how it affects analysis. 

The course focuses on exercises that teach you the time-saving techniques. You'll build skills quickly! 

You'll have the edge 

Discussion for each lesson allows you to ask questions and give feedback. So, you'll help enhance the course as you learn. 

What's next?

You'll certainly want to become a power user. First, check out the other courses on this site. They're designed to help you reach the pro level regardless of your starting point.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from the instructor

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 02

    Maltego 101

  • 03

    Maltego - Best Practices

    • Export Information From a Graph to Your Report

    • Preserve Evidence from Social Media

    • How to Work With the Example Graphs in This Course

  • 04

    Facebook 1: Introduction & Find the Profile

    • Introduction: Facebook Transforms & Entities

    • Introduction: Identify the Facebook Profile

    • Identify the Facebook Profile via Email Entity

    • Identify the Facebook Profile via Person Entity

    • Identify the Facebook Profile via Alias Entity

    • Identify the Facebook Profile via Search User Entity

    • Identify the Facebook Profile via Search by Face & Name Entity

    • Identify the Facebook Profile via PIPL Search

    • Bring known Facebook Profile to Graph

  • 05

    Facebook 2: Investigate and Analyze Profiles

    • Identify & Enhance Profile Information

    • Investigate & Analyze FB Profile

    • Analyze FB Profile - Find hidden (mutual) friends

    • Analyze FB Profile - Find public friends

    • Analyze FB Profile - Follower & Following

    • Analyze FB Profile - Album-Photos-Comments

    • Analyze FB Profile - Posts

    • Analyze FB Profile - Likes

    • Analyze FB Profile - Videos

    • Analyze FB Profile - Places

    • Analyze FB Profile - Events

    • Analyze FB Profile - Groups

    • Analyze FB Profile - Pages

    • Face Recognition Search

    • Best Practise: Bulk Import Facebook Profiles

    • Test your learning

  • 06


    • Introduction: Instagram Transforms & Entities

    • Introduction: Identify the Instagram Profile

    • Instagram: Identify the Profile Information

    • Instagram Profile & Follower

    • Instagram Media - Photo - Video

    • Instagram Hashtag Search

    • Instagram Search with GPS Coordinates

    • Identify Hidden Follower & Following Profiles

    • Test your learning

  • 07


    • Introduction: Twitter Transforms & Entities

    • Identify the Twitter Profile

    • Twitter Follower & Following

    • Twitter - Analyze & Investigate Tweets

    • Twitter - Find Tweets

    • Twitter & GPS Coordinates

    • Test your learning

  • 08

    Vkontakte (VK)

    • Introduction: Vkontakte Transforms & Entities

    • Identify the VK Profile

    • Vkontakte: VK Profile - Friends - Follower - Following / Groups & Pages

    • Vkontakte - VK Posts - Photo - Video - Search with Coordinates

  • 09


    • Introduction: Github Transforms & Entities

    • Identify the Github Profile & Details

  • 10


    • Introduction: LinkedIn Transforms & Entities

    • Identify & Find the LinkedIn Profile

    • Analyze the LinkedIn Profile

  • 11

    Odnoklassniki (OK)

    • Introduction: OK Transforms & Entities

    • OK: Identify the Profile

    • Analyze the OK Profile

  • 12


    • Introduction: Xing Transforms & Details

  • 13


    • Introduction: Youtube Transforms & Entities

  • 14


    • Introduction: MySpace Transforms & Entities

  • 15


    • Introduction: Foursquare Transforms & Entities

  • 16


    • Currently recording! Introduction: TikTok Transforms & Entities

  • 17


    • Introduction: Snapchat Transforms & Entities

  • 18


    • Introduction: Skype Transforms & Entities

  • 19


    • Introduction: Telegram Transforms & Entities

  • 20


    • Introduction: WhatsApp Transforms & Entities

  • 21


    • Introduction: Open Corporates Transforms & Entities

  • 22

    Companies House

    • Introduction: Companies House Transforms & Entities

  • 23

    Document Cloud

    • Introduction: Document Cloud Transforms & Entities

  • 24


    • Currently Recording!!! Introduction: OCCRP Transforms & Entities

  • 25

    Offshore Leaks

    • Introduction: Offshore Leaks Transforms & Entities

  • 26


    • Dark Net Transforms & Entities Part 1

    • Dark Net Transforms & Entities Part 2

  • 27


    • Currently Recording!!! Introduction: Censys Transforms & Entities

  • 28

    Security Trails

    • Currently Recording!!! Introduction: Security Trails Transforms & Entities

  • 29

    Whois XML

    • Currently Recording!!! Introduction: Whois XML Transforms & Entities

  • 30

    Google Search

    • Currently Recording!!! Introduction: Google Transforms & Entities

  • 31

    Forums Search

    • Currently Recording!!! Introduction: Forums Search Transforms & Entities

  • 32

    Wiki Leaks

    • Currently Recording!!! Introduction: Wiki Leaks Transforms & Entities

  • 33

    Crypto Currency

    • Currently Recording!!! Introduction: Crypto Currency Transforms & Entities

  • 34

    SL DB

    • Currently Recording!!! Introduction: SL DB Transforms & Entities

  • 35

    more Social Links Transforms

    • Currently Recording!!! Introduction: More SL Transforms & Entities

  • 36

    Next steps

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Pricing options


  • How Long Is the Enrollment for This Course?

    You will have 12 months to complete all of the lessons. During this period, you will have access to all new videos and updates. There is no auto-renewal.

  • How Many Users Can Access the Course?

    The booking of our Social Links Academy online video course grants you the right for personal use (one person).

  • Can I Share the Login to My Course?

    Sharing the login, copying of videos and other provided materials is prohibited.

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Social Links OSINT Academy

In our Social Links Stream you will learn everything you need to know about the professional research software - compact, understandable, always available!